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Potential New MLB Divisions

The MLB recently released the proposed divisions for the 2020 season, and we are all about them.

These proposed divisions would make for a very interesting year of watching Reds baseball. The Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs, and Indians being regular opponents would keep some semblance of normalcy, while the Twins, White Sox, Tigers, and Royals would bring some much welcome novelty to the season. As fans, we would still get to satisfy our obligatory boo of Yadier Molina, maintain our “Battle of Ohio” rivalry, and watch the Reds compete against some of the best players in the game like Yelich, Baez, Rizzo and Bryant. We would also get to see some teams and players we typically don’t get to watch the Reds play against. For example, Tim Anderson is one of the most exciting young players in the league right now. Watching him face off against Luis Castillo and the rest of the Reds staff a bunch of times this summer would be awesome. Not being in the same division as the Pirates would be somewhat of a let down purely because that rivalry was starting to boil last year and gave us some of the best moments of the season.

Also, these proposed divisions would likely mean a universal DH. With all of the Reds versatility, they could put together some interesting lineups that we don’t see very often. Potential opening day lineup would be:

1. Shogo CF

2. Votto 1B

3. Eugenio 3B

4. Moustakos 2B

5. Castellanos RF

6. Aquino DH

7. Winker LF

8. Barnhart C

9. Galvis SS

10. Castillo P

Two on base machines at the top in Shogo and Votto with the power of Suarez and Moustakos to follow them up would be a deadly front half of the lineup. That lineup, with their rejuvenated pitching staff, and a fresh new division would be a great summer of Reds baseball.

All of these proposed changes that essentially all league have been flirting with are very intriguing, and many may result in some permanent changes that ultimately benefit their respective sports. As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” At this point, I am pretty much in favor of any change or alteration to league rules if it means sports can return. With all the extreme changes to our everyday lives, it’s probably best to just embrace the weirdness that sports will be experiencing for the next year or so.

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